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P'unk Avenue solves problems and explores new opportunities for people and organizations making a positive social impact in fields like urbanism, health & wellness, arts & culture, and education. It is our goal to work on projects that empower people, improve quality of life, support the creation of knowledge, and strengthen our cities.

We are a small company with a large impact. Our attentive care for and direct collaboration with our clients has led to opportunities for innovation and creativity. We are expanding our team to handle an influx of new projects, all while continuously experimenting with our team structure and evolving our design and development practices. We need people who thrive in this kind of dynamic and intense environment. If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, read on.

What You Will BE DOING 

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We are writers, educators, engineers, developers, designers, and leaders. You are expected to have a big part in designing projects from the research phase all the way through to the week it launches.​

  • You will be participating in client workshops. This involves supporting and sometimes leading participatory exercises that creates empathy with the client and supports your user experience research.
  • You will be whiteboarding and experimenting with new techniques, exploring the possibilities of a project and how it might create artifacts that will ultimately help you or the community in the future.
  • You will be designing the right amount of elements that will help the client understand your vision and ultimately help your team understand how it will be executed.
  • You will contribute to the culture of the office, supporting your coworkers and helping to make P'unk a wonderful place to work.
  • In addition to your role designing interfaces, building design systems, researching and strategizing, and creating brands, you will be expected to actively participate in growing the overall design culture and practice of the team to communicate our shared philosophies to the world. You should be able to write about your work and the things you’ve discovered. It’s about being an active member of this vibrant creative community and an ambassador for the good work we do here at P’unk Ave.

What you should already know and do 

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  • You should be passionate and excited about shapes, lines, dots, color theory, typography, grid systems, responsive design workflow, transitional interfaces, and all the other special details that make websites and applications look and feel great.
  • You should be comfortable with an iterative design process that includes accepting and managing feedback and constructive criticism.
  • You should have excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • You should be able to tell a really good story. You will be interacting directly with clients to present your design deliverables, and you should be able to articulate your decision making process with ease.
  • We are looking for individuals who are able to self-manage by taking ownership and responsibility of a project.
  • We value autonomy and believe it brings out the best in each of us. We’ll be helping you to learn new things and grow your design toolkit all the time.
  • Mastery of Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.) and Sketch is a requirement.
  • Having front-end web development skills (JavaScript/jQuery and LESS) is a plus.

In short, we're looking for several years of professional experience creating beautiful work and seeing them through to completion.



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P'unk Ave is built on a culture of trust and autonomy so the focus is on meeting your responsibilities and finding ways to make our company better. Most of the teams work approximately 9 to 5, but with a great deal of flexibility. There is no fixed limit to vacation time, as long as your responsibilities are well met, and we recommend you take at least a couple weeks off each year.

We strive to maintain a culture that makes our team members want to be in the studio. Benefits include medical, dental, and vision insurance. We have a retirement plan, with matching. Because we believe in on-going learning, each person has a discretionary yearly conference budget. We also believe that everyone should share in our success through profit sharing

Locally roasted coffee is delivered weekly and made fresh daily, but if you prefer something else in the afternoons we have a rotating draft beer in our kegerator at all times. A full lunch is cooked in-house and prepared every Monday during our weekly kick-off meeting. The weekly team lunch on Fridays is also cooked in-house by a guest chef.

We are also located in the heart of South Philly, right on Passyunk Ave, which is one block away from the Italian Market - accessible within reasonable walking distance from the Broad Street Line.

Most of all you would get the opportunity to work with some of the brightest minds in Philadelphia



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