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P'unk Avenue solves problems and explores new opportunities for people and organizations making a positive social impact in fields like urbanism, health & wellness, arts & culture, education, and the environment. It is our goal to work on projects that empower people, improve quality of life, support the creation of knowledge, and strengthen our cities.

We are a small company with a large impact. We are writers, educators, engineers, developers, designers, and leaders. Our attentive care for and direct collaboration with our clients has led to opportunities for innovation and creativity. We are expanding our team to handle an influx of new projects, all while continuously experimenting with our team structure and evolving our design and development practices. We need people who thrive in this kind of dynamic and intense environment. If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, read on.



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As a user experience designer at P’unk Ave, you will have a deep understanding of design thinking methodology and apply best practices in delivering creative, quality experiences for the web. You will apply your natural curiosity, critical thinking skills, and empathy to understanding and advocating for our clients goals, needs, and challenges—in addition to their internal and external stakeholders and users. Your work will help define a problem, and uncover meaningful and impactful opportunities to solve it.


  • You will be responsible for kicking off a project, leading client communication, and managing a project's timeline throughout the research and strategy phase of each project.
  • You will lead and facilitate the research for a project. This includes but is not limited to interviews and workshops focused on creating buy-in and generating actionable information and outcomes that will inform your approach to user experience.
  • You will be responsible for delivering meaningful and impactful, research-based strategies that get to the core of each organization's individual goals, and creating artifacts for both clients and our internal team. These may include: strategy briefs, Keynote presentations, sitemaps, user flows, and wireframes.
  • You will collaborate closely with designers, developers and other strategists on the team to ensure the user experience is carried through the design and development of digital and analog experiences.
  • In addition to your role as a user experience designer, you will be expected to actively participate in growing our overall culture, supporting your coworkers, and helping to make P'unk a wonderful place to work.



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  • A design education and/or hard-earned knowledge through the practice of it in the field.
  • A least 2 years professional experience as a user experience designer for web and software projects. Ability to apply skills to other types of research and strategy work is a plus.
  • You should have strong empathy for users, clients, and teammates.
  • You should have excellent written and verbal communication skills. You should be comfortable and confident facilitating, leading, and presenting to a room full of people.
  • You should be comfortable with accepting and managing feedback and constructive critique.
  • You should be good at taking ownership and responsibility of a project. This includes self-managing your own tasks, schedule, and communication while being cognizant of others. 
  • You should be able to generate meaningful and impactful strategies from the research that help guide creative and technical strategies.
  • You should be able to document your process, synthesize research into artifacts that succinctly convey key findings, and tell a good story—you will be interacting directly with clients to present your findings and strategies, so you should be able to articulate your decision-making process with ease.
  • You should be able to generate ideas for new tools and exercises to add to our toolkit, as well as execute on the design and creation of them.
  • You should have visual design abilities that allow you to articulate your research findings and strategies in a visually compelling and clear way in Keynote and Sketch. Proficiency in of Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.) is also ideal.
  • You should always be looking to grow, seek new information, and learn from others. You should be a part of the larger UX and design community in Philadelphia—whether attending or speaking at lectures, meetups and/or happy hours. 


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P'unk Ave is built on a culture of trust and autonomy so the focus is on meeting your responsibilities and finding ways to make our company better. Most of the team work approximately 9 to 5, but with a great deal of flexibility. We have a generous vacation policy and encourage you to use it to stay healthy, engaged, and inspired. We also support sabbaticals.

We strive to maintain a culture that makes our team members want to be in the studio. Benefits include medical, dental, and vision insurance. We have a retirement plan, with matching. Because we believe in on-going learning, each person has a discretionary yearly conference budget. We also believe that everyone should share in our success through profit sharing.

Locally roasted coffee is delivered weekly and made fresh daily, but if you prefer something else in the afternoons we have a rotating draft beer in our kegerator at all times. A full lunch is cooked in-house and prepared every Monday during our weekly kick-off meeting.

We are also located in the heart of South Philly, right on Passyunk Ave, which is one block away from the Italian Market - accessible within reasonable walking distance from the Broad Street Line.
Most of all you would get the opportunity to work with some of the brightest minds in Philadelphia.



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